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Qeustion: Multiple monitors and 3D acceleration (SLI / Xfire)

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Here's an odd question for someone out there.

I'm a WoW addict and lately I've been playing running two accounts on my current machine with some UI mods. I happened to find out that vista accelerates the video on both vga outputs of a video card (extended desktop) and have been running vista 32bit since.

Lately I've been feeling the need to get a beefier CPU and graphics and I was wondering if running two non-SLI / crossfire video cards would be worthwhile for dual windowing with eye candy etc.
IE; would wow or some other 3D game be able to detect that's it's being dragged off the main display/video card, and still get accelerated on the secondary card.

What about two different model cards? say a 8800 GTS and a cheap $50 vid card

Example setup: two displays, one connected to each video card. and enabled in windows to be an extended desktop.
WoW account 1 on monitor 1. WoW account 2 on monitor 2. etc.
*(normally wow loads and is displayed on the primary monitor. so I just drag it to the other display and maximize and go on my merry way.)*

Also what would happen under XP?
I've noticed extreme lag as soon as a 3d window got dragged off the main screen. but I've never had an nVidia card so I'm not sure if it's just a driver or hardware limitation or just the OS.

Discuss! :D

Currently I'm leaning towards a single card as my current budget won't allow for a worhtwhile SLi setup, but I'm still curious what would happen.
later :beer:


Aug 23, 2007
I was trying to do something similar... I have the x1950pro pcie running 2 monitors and I bought a geforce 7300gt pcie to just run my second monitor so the ati can have all it's resources just on 1 monitor.... but I can't get the 2 cards to play nice... I think you have to have cards that can use the same drivers....