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Ram Compatibility Alert

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Sep 19, 2003
Wanted to let everyone know that over the last 4-6 weeks ive seen 8-12 threads in various forums involving nforce2 chipset based mother boards (most gigabyte) and Nanya/Elixir ram.

To start off with none of the giga nforce2 boards are even on their compatibility list, yet several dealers seem to be selling this ram with boards.

Latest example can be seen hereAnother Elixir Problem and is just one of many of the same type issue.

So just be aware if you have Nanya/Elixir ram and are having problems, there is a growing trend.



Dec 15, 2003
I do not take the RAM compatibility lists that they make as the only modules to work. There are so many different brands of memory that the manufacutrers really do not want to test them all.

I however have heard that either Elixir had a bad batch of memory shipped into the market that is not working well with dual channel boards. This was not always the case but I think the reason it is popping up all of a sudden is b/c they have been distributing some bad batches by accident.

I notice that the ones I have had tested would pass the basic test but would just hang during the extensive test. WHen I put that memory in a PC it boots up fine but gives errors in Windows.