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Should I lap my friend's FOP32-1 when using AS2?

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Feb 6, 2001
near ORD,IL
I have a friend that plans to OC his CPU (P3 Flip Chip). (actually my plan) and he has a GW FOP 32. My question is that, since the factory finish on the bottom is FAR from perfect, should I lap it before using the AS2, or just leave it and it should be fine???
if you have the stuff to lap it, and know how to do it, go for it. If not, then it is still a good hsf that will do well with AS2.
William (Jun 17, 2001 05:50 p.m.):
if you have the stuff to lap it, and know how to do it, go for it. If not, then it is still a good hsf that will do well with AS2.

Stuff would be piece of flat glass, fine sandpaper, and some h2o, right?
I say lap it. The sand paper isn't expensive. It's easy to do and doesn't take that long. the benefits won't be as much as some one using standard white goop, but lapping in cinjuncture of AS2 will give you pretty much the best heat transfer you can get.
But I might suggest you tell your friend how to do it rather than doing it for him as it does mean spending doing an hour or more doing it and it can knacker your arm up a bit. Plus depending on how good a friend he is it saves you the bother of doing it wrong, I know a couple of my friends who might ask for something similar to this would only be asking because they don't want to take the risk and are thinking if I mess it up I replace it which I tell them aint gonna happen. If he is expecting that of you and won't risk trying it himself then I wouldn't do it for him.
He knows NOTHING about OCing until I informed him about it, so yeah, he doesn't know how to lap and don't even know exactly what I'm going to do to his $200 of stuff that he bought with his $$$. :p
The FOP-32 was my first HSF. Thanks to reading in advance, I tossed the pad and used some Dow/Corning 340 thermal grease. After reading some more about the theory behind lapping, I lapped my FOP base. The resultant temps went down about 3C. I then read some more and bought some AS. I cleaned and degreased my FOP baseplate, as well as the core and applied AS. The Temp went down an additional 1C, but changes that small could be caused by many workmanship factors. Either you or your friend lap the baseplate. Spell each other. ;D The effort will be worth it.