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SLI in a Nutshell

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This was such an information thread that I hope you do one for Crossfire( if its still being supported--I've heard conflicting answers)
rajanm1: I believe that if you have 2 cards installed but with SLI disabled, you can have four monitors. If SLI is enabled, the number of monitors supported drops to one, as I mentioned in the OP.

HeatM1ser2k4: Thank you! I unfortunatly do not know NEARLY enough about Crossfire to do an equally informative post on that, otherwise I definetly would. What can I say, I've always been an nVidia guy. :)
Thank you! Let me know what I can do to keep this updated and current, or if I can improve on it in any other way. I might do a quick section on running the 7950's in SLI, but my guess is that anyone that is looking into doing that already knows what the issues are, etc.
ok...the 8800GTS would be better as i do run two screens...hmm...its a tough one..
cheers man...any chance you could get some tests from dual screen stuff?
If you give me some specific suggestions, I'll see what I can do. I'll be getting dual 8600GTS's when they come out, and my friend has a single 8800GTS, so maybe I can do some direct comparisions on my system (I'm running 2x 1280x1024).
could you chuck some 7900GS's in the mix? i wanna see how they fair against the 8800GTS
Most likely what I'll end up doing is borrowing some graphs from THG or Anandtech and summerizing the info from those like I did before. I don't have acess to any 7 series cards.
kwl...that wud be v usufull as i am trying to work out wether to get sli 7900GS's or a single 8800GTS
turns out I got buried under a mountain of homework and the update definetly won't happen this week. Soon thought, I promise. I may wait until results from the 8600s get posted so I can do a 8800 vs 8600 comparision instead of a 8800 vs 7900 comparision, which in all reality would make a lot more sense.
I've also got a question.

SLI sounds great for gaming, but... What about 3D rendering and animation? Would there be equally noticable gains from hardware rendering with the GPU, assuming the CPU isn't crap?