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Stock Intel HSF

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Feb 28, 2002

How do I go about removing the fan from the stock Celeron 1.2A heatsink? I wanna replace it with a bigger fan.

it just unclips... grab it at all four corners and push inwards... dont worry you wont damage it...

And anyway get a bigger heatsink too, im using a cheap *** athlon coolermaster and it keeps the tualatin frosty cold, even wit the fan @ 7V

~ShiFtY out~
didn't make a difference to the temps... just made more noise.

back to the stock fan.

dun wanna spend any money :)
Just try some copper HS...or at least with only a copper plate base
only if your overclocking your cpu.

If not....then stick to the original Intel HS.

....and yes, the noisy fans hit my nerves too.
course I am overclocking it :p

47C load isn't very cool with the stock hsf.
47C, thst does sound high....
What speed are you running that CPU at? and what Vcore?

OR do you know how many watts your CPU is putting out?

What kind of thermal paste are you using?
1517mhz from 1.2. 1.775volts, though it'll run at 1.75 fine. I'm just trying to burn it in a bit.

if I go to 127FSB, it'll load into windows, then reboot by itself.

No idea how many watts.

Unick Silicon paste.
your CPU should be pushing about 43 watts
CPU watts new=
(new FSB/spec FSB)*((new Vcore/spec Vcore)^2)*spec watts

What would your room temps be????
Or your case temp?
(if case temp is 25C your Cooler is running at .51C/W)

I think your temps should be a little lower, you sure the heatsink is on correct?
better thermal paste will help...
Lapping could also be a good idea
MBM says Ambient temp is 35C, but I don't think that's right coz I have a 12cm fan that is blowing over the CPU area of the mobo.
Case off of course.

Also, when I touch the CPU heatsink, it doesn't feel like it's 50C

How do I make sure that the CPU hs is on properly? It's clamped down like it's meant to be.

I dun really wanna go into the hassle of lapping, finding a grinder etc.