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suggestions on capture cards

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Cisco Kid

Senior Member
Jan 13, 2001
I sold a happaugge win go tv fm tuner capture card, and got a Dazzle Digital Video Creator 80 usb capture card.

do not know if I will keep, cause I have been f***** with it for a while to capture video from my analog camcorder. Want to save what I have collected of my son since he was born.

However I am having probs with sinkin audio to the video. I have tried everything. This unit was a return to futureshop , and they had a quite a few but price was right, I was told most returned cause it is software based.

The quality of the captured video I am happy with I just can not sink sound, I am new to this so it is me for sure but I have folowed th tuturial video and been serching the help database.

I am just wondering if there are other solutions that may be easier to use such as ATI TV Wonder VE or reg model?? I am trying to stay under approx $100 canaian or about $60 US

Any suggestions?? please they are welcomed!!

Cisco KID
I think the easiest option would be to record the video first, then record the audio seperately through your sound card later.
You can merge the two with an editing program and hopefully get a much better sync than your could doing both at once.
If the card is software based, the only reason I can think of that your audio is becoming de-synced is beacause your hardware isn't fast enough for the encoding codec being used. If your trying to capture the video at large resolutions with heavy compression, the video may start to lag behind the audio causeing it to de-sync.

I would suggest to try a lower resolution and/or less compression and see if you still get de-syncs. You might also try a different codec to capture the video. Personally, I use Pegasus MJPEG codec to capture video first. Then I use VirtualDub to clean up the capture and compress to DivX5.

The MJPEG codec is fast enough even with my cpu, but it is a huge space hog when you use little compression. A 4 minute clip at a low compression could easily take up 500+ megs. But the quality I can achieve after running it through VirtualDub is worth the space and time to me.