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super computer, need help! problems!

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New Member
Jan 8, 2001
HEY PEOPLES. I have a problem.. hehe

I got all these chips for my brothers new computer... they are..

Gigabyte -7DXC MOBO
AMD thunderbird 1.1GHZ -CPU
ELSA geforce 2 GTS 32mb - VGA
IBM 45gig 7200 - Harddrive
128 DDR RAM !!

okay there ya go.. i have all that, i am positive that i set it all up right, but like, when i start it up, there is nothing that shows up on the monitor.. like there is no input to the monitor... i have switched monitor's.. so it isnt the monitor, i have checked the VGA, because i put in a voodoo3 3000 pci in there. I realy have no clue what is the problem.. there are no beeps when i start it, and all the fans and everything start up and work perfectly, i dont know if it is the mobo*jumpers on it* the RAM or CPU.. i really dont know, if you need anymore information, just post what you need, and i will fill ya in on what you need. Also some things that i could check, to see what the problem is. thanks a lot!
Hmm, usually when building a system and if it won't start - not even a peep, no fans nothing.. then I find the CPU is usualy not seated well enough. Of course, if the RAM is not seated you will also get problems. BTW, don't you have to have matched pairs of DDR RAM? Much like the old SIMM's, where you had to have two 32 pin SIMM's to make a 64 bit bus? Or am I way off base??? Do you have to have a special T-bird to work in the new MB's?

Start from the basics, just run the system RAM, CPU and VGA, make sure the power-on header is connected correctly. If still nothing, then you might have a bad MB or CPU.
I think that mobo should work with the current socket A processors, though I'm not sure about the dimm situation. I don't think you need two sticks of DDR ram, but I may be wrong. There are a few things you can try though - first check for shorts on the mobo to the case - make sure it isn't touching the metal of the case anywhere. You could also try a barebones test, just using the mobo, cpu, ram and vid card to get it to post (obviously it won't be able to detect a floppy or hard drive so posting's as far as you'll get). If you try this out of the case, on a table on one of those antistatic bags, that'll help eliminate the possibility of shorts at the same time. It's always possible the psu is bust, so try another one that you know works if you can. In fact, if you can, try replacing all of the components one at a time with ones you know that work (obviously that'll be difficult with the ram). Oh yeah - and double check the jumpers settings as you said, though they should all be set so it will work out the box when you get it (ie set to auto/default).
okay, to make sure it wasnt the hardddrive problem, i disconnected the 2 harddrives, the floppy drive, and the dvd-player. Now the ONLY thing connected to the mobo is..
main POWER supply cord
speaker, reset, power, hdd LED light cables
cpu fan
Video Card

no beeps, and i am like 90 percent sure that i plugged in the speaker thing (that makes the beeps) in correctly.. i am really stomped, i might just take it down to a shop or something.... another thing is, by the RAM, there is a Dimm LED light.. it is always on, when we start the computer, (still no input to the monitor)
i dunno..!! ?
Maybe taking it back to a shop and getting it all tested is the answer - here's a few more pointers, but you've probably tried them already, so I doubt they'll help:

Make sure the power switch is in the right way round - the label on the plastic plug should be facing towards the bottom of the board on all the case leads, apart from the IDE LED , where the writing on the plug should be facing up - I'm fairly sure this is standard.

If the mobo is still in the case, take it out to rule out shorts.

Take out the mobo and burn it as a sacrificial offering to the hardware-hungry Gods of computing... then buy a new one. (sorry, it does sound as though something, be it the cpu/mobo/ram, is dead)