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Survey- Those with Iwill KK266 Mobo's

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Feb 2, 2001
If your having boot up problems... did you flash with the Turk bios? What about the 4 in 1? Maybe we can isolate the problem. I noticed the link on the main page takes you to a bios download that does not appear to be for the KK266 rev 1.1 This might also be an issue. They are adamant that the wrong bios will screw things up.

Let me know. Thanks.
I have Rev 1.1 did not flash with the hacked bios used 4in1 drivers as soon as I was done installing Windoze, before ANY drivers. I do not have any problem with the shut down although mine will not post after doing a re-start at times.
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Had my KK266 bout a week now LOVE this board, have had NO problems so far.. I have the latest Bios and most of the latest 4in 1 drivers (AGP INF ) I am new at overclocking so I am going slow but hope to get a little over 900 MHRZ, I also am afraid of the TURK bios but would like to use it if it will work with my board. :D :D :D
I had no shutdown problem untill i flashed the turkoc bios and than my computer would not shut down.I have the latest 4 in 1 drivers installed and could not find a solution to this problem so i reflashed back to the newest bios from iwill (kk227)and everything is working fine now.Hope you can find a fix because the Turkoc bios realy speeds up the memory on these boards.
OK maybe I am seeing a trend here. Those who are having problems with Multipliers seem to have rev 1.2? It bears tracking. See the other post on this issue as well Here