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Temp Question & Recommendations

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Bob Joe

New Member
Mar 5, 2002
VIC, Australia
Hey guys,

Firstly, I'm new to this board so a loud shout out to everyone here!

Secondly, my question is - currently running my XP1700+ @ stock speed. Cooling provided by a GlobalWin WBK heatsink coupled with an 80mm 6000rpm Sunon fan. Not running any case fans because:
A. Dust - room is carpetted.
B. Noise - it's loud enough atm.

Room temp is at around 23c. CPU & mobo temps (as reported by MBM) under load peak at around 49c & 45c respectively. Previously with 1 intake and 1 exhaust (both 80mm 6000rpm Sunon fans) mobo temps peaked at 33c. However, it sounded like Aunt Garbo was drying her hair with a 60s style blow-dryer in my room while listening to her dearest Sinatra. That's the main reason I dropped the fans. Should I be alarmed at the temps, specifically the mobo temp? Am I shortening the lifespan of the components running 24/7 at that temps? Feedback appreciated.

Haha thats nothing!!

My 1.3gig Athlon Thunderbird is running at 49c on a light load!!


5, 4, *BOOOOOOOOM!!!

Anyways... my systems been running around 49-56c for quite sometime now, I am not running a XP though and I heard the XP's supposivly ran about 40% cooler thenthe Thunderbirds... but I'm not quite sure, thouse temps sound maby a pubic hair to high but thats it :rolleyes:

as for me:mad: :mad: :mad: I'm hu hu hu hu HOT!!!
Hot damn! Well it's not my CPU temp I'm worried about - it's my 45c peak mobo temps! That means all the goodies in the case are at least 45c or HOTTER! Should that be a reason for sleepless nights or am I worrying too much like old nanna?
First of all Welcome to the Forum Bob Joe ;)
I'm sorry, but your system temps are very high, especially the Mobo, generally must be around 20-25 degree C, even if the Asus boards are known for wrong temps report.
I understand that the noise is a prob for you, but if the HeatSink Fan sucks the hot air inside the Case, consequently the Cpu temps wll be higher for this reason.
So the way to go, for me, is to use some Case fans, important tips are about the use of the same amount of air for the Intake, like for the exhaust, consider the Cfm of the fans, and place the intake in the lower part of your Case, generally front/low, and the exhaust up/back. Another Idea can be a blowHole on the left panel of your Case that blows the fresh air directly on the HeatSink. For a system more quiet, you can use the case fans @7v instead of 12v with a very fast & simple mod: take from a Molex connector the +12v line of the PowerSupply (Yellow wire) for the + wire of the fan, and for the ground the +5v (Red wire).

I hope it helps you, good luck, and let us know the results ;)
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If noise is a problem just do a little cutting on your case so you can use 120mm fans for your intake and exhaust. The ones I got do 89cfm at like 2100rpm so you dont even hear them over the HSF. But they sure enough dropped my cpu temps 10C at idle and full load. All I have is 1 intake and 1 exhaust. The setup would be pretty quiet if I didnt have a volcano6 cu+.

Also check and make sure you dont have a big rats nest of wires and cables blocking your airflow when you put the intake and exhaust fans back in.

I've got the same processor as you and I get 26C/36C idle/peak on the cpu and about 20-22C on the mobo.
Thanks for the feedback guys! Looks like I'll be shopping around for some of em slower 80mm fans - my el cheapo case surprisingly supports 4 front 80mm fans and 2 rear ones. Next question - to cut or not to cut the grills? Does it make a big difference in noise levels/temps? Anyone with first hand experience?

Hi Bob Joe,
Please, why you want replace the fans that you just have, and which is the brand?
Remember, you can EASLY use the 7v mod for quiet noise levels, and for sure, removing the Case fan grill, will improve the airflow, and maybe pump down a little the noise ;)
(everyone always advising to do a mod... tsk tsk tsk...)

You can try to get panaflos or papsts as they are probably the quietest high(er) cfm fans out there. Your sunons are good, but without the volt mod, yeah, talk Harrier jump jet.

Depending on the type of grills you have (dots in a circle especially), cutting them out and using fan grills will work in your favor, noise and flow wise. BUT make sure to get fan filters as well to keep out the dust.

You could also replace your HSF (which sounds like a JSF) with a bigger footprint model (Alpha or Swiftech) and put another 80 mm fan on it (a quiet one as above). The size of the 80 mm HSFs matters a lot on cooling as well.

I noticed you're using an nforce Mobo. How is it?

Well, my question is, why not to Mod? it's simple, fast & cheaper ;)
and about my Sunon's fans, well, aren't looud at all, only a little the 120mm, but all are working @12v, and the only noise I hear is about the airflow through my case, not the fans, but I understand your point of view, sometimes the noise can be a prob, especially if the PC is placed into the bedroom and work 24/7!

Into my Case, I'm using 2 80mm 42Cfm, 2 92mm 49Cfm and 1 120mm 90Cfm, and the results are really good, infact the Case temp is never above 2-3 degree C over the Ambient temp, and this helps a lot the HS to cool the Cpu, even if not the best of all ;)
The Doors, (can I call you Doors in future or is the The a must?)

Don't get me wrong on my post. I'm not against modding at all, especially if I had the tools.

Sometimes I just see some posts with "Hi I'm a Newbie and need some help" and then someone advises to "put a blowhole". Come on, a newbie would probably be sweating by the time s/he finished reading the post. It IS NOT AN EASY JUMP from buying an extra fan to taking out a dremel and, you know, putting a blow hole on a case. The risks involved as well, are not insubstantial.

But hey,



Call me like you prefer francisamf, isn't a prob at all :) but in anyway my name is Adriano ;)
Don't worry, I've understood your point of view, but I've only tried to suggest all the way to improve the cooling of the Case, and explain how much is important for the Cpu temps, obviously, everyone is free to choose the way to go :)