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The Truth about Copy Protection and Privacy on CDs

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Wow they really think we're a bunch of crooks. I didn't completely believe it before, but that's enough proof for me. They're talking that way to someone who simply has a problem playing a copy-protected CD in a few players!
250 million CD-R's bought, and not one of them has anything but music burned on it:rolleyes:

Of all the CD-R's I have, One has music on it (MP3's of my own CD's), the rest is computer data of one form or another.

DVD's are supposed to be "region limited", but the vast majority of DVD players are "region free". The industry is screwing itself......
Of the last spindle of CDs I bought, maybe 10 went to music. There were 50 CDs in that spindle.

So using some basic math skills, I can deduce that I used 20% of my last spindle to burn music.

That leaves a whopping 80% used for data or scrapped.

They state:
There are 250 Million blank CDRs and tapes bought and used this year for copying music

Bull****. How do they know they were all used for copying music? Do they check every disc sold? Do they poll people everytime they buy a spindle "Sir/Madam, how many of those CDs are you going to use to pirate--I mean, make music CDs?"

Lets apply my basic math skills above, and see what kind of numbers we get . . . *scratch* *scratch* *scribble* *scratch* *carry the two . . . *

If I did it right, that's 50,000,000 CDs (20%), rather than their 250,000,000 figure

Now I know not everybody is me, but most people here are pretty close to that figure. That doesn't look like a lot of CDs used for music now, does it, when comapired to their original number.
It is pretty sad really...nothing was ever said or done before when people copied music from "records" to cassette...or when cd's became available...from cd to cassette....or how someone can get a song for free from the RADIO...no one was paying for it then...but now that people have cd-burners and digital music is available, the record companies/huge corporate entertainment networks all of a sudden want it to stop.

I think It's a huge load of crap that some government offices are willing to enforce "copying" laws with fines and imprisionment...when they should be be putting their resources they waste on music into other things that require stiffer penalties and enforcment like CHILD PORNOGRAPHY....this kind of crap runs rampant on the net..and is sold on tape ETC...ETC...ETC...

Instead of wasting money and resources on protecting CD's from being copied...how about implementing some kind of technology that "imprints" a home movie/digital camera/professional camera's film/tape/memory with a unique serial number emmbedded into the images and/or sound themselves that can be traced back to the equipment that made it and who bought the equipment...now that would be something that money is well spent on, not on trying to stop something that, in all reality, no matter how much they try, can not be stopped, especially when whatever digital signal is protected by their copy-protection will eventually become an analogue signal anyways....there's no way to stop the recording of sound, no matter how you protect it digitally.

IMHO...any artist/record company who allows their music to be broadcast over a standard carrier signal ( radio/TV ) should have absolutely no recourse against any single person for "copying" that material. If you don't want to give it away for free, keep it off the PUBLIC airways...THEN protect your cd's, because it would be your right to then.

A cd-burner in anyones hands isn't anything to worry about, can't do much damage...but...a camera in the wrong hands...well...it can be worse than a gun in some cases. To bad these big companies/governments don't do anything about THAT though.

PS. a side note..isn't it ironic that the exact same companies that gave us the technology to make our own cd's now consider the same people ( us ) that the technology was released to "criminals" because we use it for the EXACT purpose it was invented and released for? Makes me think that they all have their heads up their a**es...they made the mistake of giving out the tools possible for it to be done....like sony...they are part of the whole "anti-copy" crap...but yet they sell stereo systems that include "burners"...LOL...what a friggin joke...why sell it, if it's illegal to use it for what it was marketed to US for.....a bunch of rocket scientists...( no offense to ACTUAL rocket scientists...:D )
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i sense a violation of fair use, but since the congressman are probably paid in soft money by record companies, i realize that backing up my music collection is impossible and im screwed....i will now have to cart around my eminem show cd whenever i want to listen to it....what bastages....
funnyperson1 said:
i will now have to cart around my eminem show cd whenever i want to listen to it

Yeah, rather than exercizing your Fair Use rights and making a copy, and naming it something people won't make fun of you for :)

j/k :p