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Think its time for a new Mouse Pad

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Jul 24, 2013
Im just currious what everyone is using... i game a lot, and like my wrist to be supported, ive been looking into the Razer Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat ... just wondering if anyone else had a suggestion or feed back on that pad?
I haven't used a mouse pad in something like a decade or more. I like the freedom of movement of having the whole desk rather than being fenced in by a pad.
I use the hard surface Logitech pad. You could always get a wrist support separate from the pad itself.
Just want to +1 Soulcatchers setup. Love it, looks clean :)

Yeah it does... problem is i cant keep my desk that clean all the time... Little hands bring stuff to my desk all the freaking time... and my desk is in the closet... OMG im trapped in the closet!

LOL Ive been using some staples 4.99 brand for like 3 years its just finally starting to curl up and im loosing motion. I like the Desk idea, but i dont know im not a fan of hard surfaces when i do any kind of editing like photos and such. Granted i just upgraded to a Logitech G502 with the ability to switch between DPI. so thats nice. But i tend to go crazy if i dont have a confined space lol.