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Turning up the FSB on the Asus A7V, need some tips...

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Feb 18, 2001
Ok, here's the story. I've got an 800 Tbird in my A7V running at 950. I have the voltage set to 1.85, but both pcprobe and sandra read it as 1.936. It runs fine here and i have absolutely no probs, but i'd like to get the fsb up a little. I am running generic ram(i think it's apacer if i remember right), but it seems that even with generic ram i should be able to put it up to 101 or 102? I was able to turn it up to 104 and not get a registry error, but when i tax out the system it eventually freezes. I then tried turning the internal multiplier back down to 900 and then pushing the fsb up and it still didn't work. I'd say that rules out the possibility of there not being enough voltage to the cpu. I had an idea to see if it was a cheapo ram problem, but I'm not sure if this is a valid test. I went to the bios and turned the ram from 133 to 100 and then tried to push up the fsb. I would think that this would just be pushing the mobo and not the RAM since the ram is actually running slower that what it's made to do, but no luck. I removed the greenie on the agp chip and mounted a lasangna chip cooler and I took the greenie, chopped out the corner, and mounted it on the northbridge. No effect.
I have tried all of the above in both jumper free and jumper mode since i have heard that the A7V is abit more stable in jumper mode, no effect.

So, i'd like to know if anyone has any suggestions for me about turning up the fsb and if my theory on turning the pc133 ram to 100 to test out upping the fsb is a valid test to rule out having cheapo RAM.

thanks for the help.

A7V, Tbird 800@950
"Never Pet a Burning Dog"
Bear in mind that my Generic PC100 does over 145Mhz CAS two - that should make youy realise that your board being a KT133 that won't go above about 110Mhz anyway should present no problem to the memory
Lower the chips multiplyer and up the fsb.

Go to like 7x133,or 7.5x any multiplier.Remember the chip may not post at what is an easy setting that is part of O/Cing,Trial and error.

And 950 is not to shabby but If you are like me you want that 1gig LOL !!!
Ya, I tried 7x133 and couldn't get it to post. I also tried 7.5 and 8x133 with no luck. Kinda startin to bug me.