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TV commercial for Linux

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Aug 10, 2003
Kona, Hawaii
rock on, this is the kind of coverage that the linux community needs. though my frame of reference is limited, it seems like linux is starting to win battles against other major operating systems. i feel everyone benefits from this, go competition!


Senior Member
Jan 15, 2001
At least now people will know how to pronounce, Linux. ;)

It's a cute little commercial, but now the counterpart needs to be made.

(Picture Jabba the Hut.)
Eee tooh coo bala. Ho ho ho.
Translated: Look at my trophy. (laughs)

(Points to Linux kid frozen in carbonite)

(A tiny Steve Jobs pokes his head up over Jabba's tail)
Eeee hehehehehe

His name is Windows.


Captain Random Senior Evil
Nov 8, 2001
It's rate of growth is alarming on the server side. Surely it will dominate that market in the next 5 years....


Dec 10, 2003
Bozeman, MT
That commercial rocks. Great timing, with the SCO thing, too.

As for PR, commercials don't build PR. Word of mouth does. And linux, above all else, has GREAT word of mouth. I can't say I've ever heard anyone who actually uses linux badmouth it.

Hrm, Servers. Fun little things. Even Sun is making Linux-based servers now (I happen to own a Cobalt RaQ3, which is one of the aforementioned servers). The problem, so far, is that very-very specialized hardware (E10K, et al) cannot run an OS that isn't very-very proprietary, without losing a great deal of functionality. For instance, there is no linux tool to disable a processor board to allow you to hotswap processors in the SUN Enterprise and SunFire series server cabinets.

Also, in response to people-using-linux-at-home comment, I don't think that's really practical. People who're newer to computers don't want something that looks difficult. They don't want to ever, EVER see the back end of things--it's scary. And those who wouldn't be frightened off by such messages, probably already use linux, to some capacity or another.

Though, I suppose I'm not the best person to ask about such things. Most people probably don't have a 1U and two miniATX towers running linux, and a SPARC running SunOS.

Anywho. Yay linux.


Jul 14, 2001
Ontario, Canada
First time I've seen it. Seems like a pretty good commercial to me. It'll help get the name out there by using common media instead of word of mouth (although that seems to have worked very well so far).