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Using PSU w/ Monitor Plug For Pump?

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Mar 11, 2001
Ive been studying water-cooling for the passed month or so, and now i broke down and purchases some items now on their way:

Chieftec DX-01WD ($65 bucks shipped!) case
Maze3 CPU & GPU copper top water blocks.
87 Chevette Heater Core
Maxi-Jet 1200 Pump
All 1/2" fittings
What kinda fans?

I do heating and cooling so sheet metal, tubing, and clamps are at my fingertips.

Anyway..I have a 400watt PowMax/Powermax PSU with a second plug/pass-through plug apparently for a monitor right? Well I dont have the little male/female adapter so I havent been using it. What do I need to do/buy to be able to plug my pump right into this outlet? I assume it would be easier then a relay and more practical then leaving my pump on 24/7?
Well, it might not be good to run your pump off of your PSU. A lot of people get a relay switch that can connect into the PSU so the pump will come on automatically when the computer boots up. I'm personally going to go low budget and just have a dedicated power strip the computer, monitor and water pump all plug into so the pump HAS to be on before I can power up the computer.

For fans, try dtek (the full URL is in the "where to by WC parts" sticky on the WC main page)

By the way, where'd you get that case for $65 shipped?

I don't see anything wrong with running your pump off the monitor socket on the back of your PSU... it'll most certainly draw less power than any monitor will. Besides, wouldn't the monitor plug simply be connected straight to the 115V AC that powers the PSU?
I think it is quite a good idea.
The monitor socket on the back of your PSU is connected to the mains after the switch of your PSU. meaning,
It is equivalent to have a power strip (you know and extension cord with multiples outlets) and having the pump and the PC and whatever peripherals be turned on byt the power strip.
Its just a normal 120 IEC connector. Just convert the pump cable. I personally would've done it like this...except

1.) I use that socket at lan parties
2.) My PSU doesn't have it :(

So I just tapped into the socket internally and ran a set of wires out of a hole out of the PSU inside the case so no wires are hanging out.
radioshack or a surplus electronics store.

Could also check out http://www.mpja.com

You could also, open the PSU, solder some wires onto the 120v internal connector, drill hole in PSU case, route wires outside, go down to Home Depot and pick up a female 120v 3 prong connector, wire that to the wires, and then you could plug in the pump...without cutting the pump's orignal wire.
I dug up this cable I thought I lost years ago! Its a "Shee Line SL-07". It plugs into the extra female connector of my power supply and 12" later its a female 3 prong plug outlet!


Im sure you could buy these somewhere..probably at a radioshack, though i couldnt find them on their online website..or anywhere else I looked.


Well after testing out the second outlet I see that its a constant power, and does not turn off/on with the computer. Sucks. Guess Im gonna have to leave it on 24/7 or something.
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