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water/alcohol mix read on

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May 3, 2001
Yesterday I got a hair up my "fanny" and decided to try to add alcohol to my coolent. All tests were done at 22*c ambi temp, and the normal cpu temp with my normal coolent(85% h2o 15% dexcool) of 34*c being the test base.I had read threads where people had stated that if high end hotrods could use a water/alcohol mix why not computers. No one ever touched on the mix side of it. Everyone said that PURE alcohol would be too dangerous and it would.One leake and POW it could and would explode. so I got out one of my three gallon coolent mixes (85% h2o 15% dexcool) and a spare gallon of distilled water and went to mixing and testing..... after 14 hours and one upset and lonley wife here's what I found. In the Distilled water I got up to a 60% mix without if being flamible but mt temps went up 2*c. In water/dexcool I got up to a 70% mix without it catching on fire but temps went up 3*c. My temps stayed near my normal cooling mix(85/15) untill I got near the flash point(flamiible) of the high end mix. So it didnt make a big difference at all and by the time I realized I never tested Pure alcohol I didnt have enough to fill my system. It did seem pointless to do it after my results. anyway if any one wants to challance my tests please makesure you have a lot of ventilation,man I got one hell of a headach the next day!!
so you got higher temps with any mix you made? That would be what I would suspect.
not really I didnt start to see the temps jump untill I got heavy alcohol. they were some high/low discrepencys but i chalked them up to using the temp sensor under the cpu. the posted temps were the temps after running gnome@home +prime 95+unreal in software! there wasnt a spare clock cycle anywhere hehehe