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Water wetter

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Mar 21, 2001
I think it cannot be obtained here in Finland, so I need to know what stuff it contains.
We sure do, but according to what I've read, water wetter is better. (Hmm, rhymes...) That's why I'd like to know, but it's not extremely important.
I have a bottle at home that I could use to jot down the ingredients. I can do that tonight unless someone beats me to the punch. In the mean time check out all the tests and other things that this site has done with water wetter and other anti-freeze products like glycol. It's very informative and may help you brew up your own mix. ;D

just click on the link and scroll down to the part right in the middle that says " Redline WaterWetter® now available!"

Hope this helps. peace from zoopa_man
One thing to keep in mind with antifreeze - if you're peltier cooling it can do you some good, but if you're straight water cooling I've heard it's nearly impossible to have it help. I think the reason is that antifreeze tries to slow down the heat change of water a little, and therefore make it give off heat (and freeze) slower than normal, this means it also absorbs heat (from your processor) slower - now these both also disrupt surface tension and other helpful stuff but be very careful with antifreeze not to add to much - just a suggestion I've heard floating around that some readers might want to know - I haven't tested this though, but I can point you towards some test.

I've asked this before and got mixed responses. Has anyone thought of using Amonia either straight or mixed with the water in a water cooling setup? A friend of mine in the heat and air business tells me that commercial coolers use amonia instead of water as it transfers heat at a higher rate and it doesn't react with copper. I just don't have the guts to try it.
Hey Asmodean, I got a bottle of this stuff too and heres some close up pics. They dont state whats in it though. Basically it does two things. 1. It eliminates the surface tension of the water ( which is something every detergent does although Ive only seen one article where a guy uses a little dishwashing liquid in his mix) so that the cooling water can penetrate every nook and cranny of the system, and two it inhibits corrosion, especially in aluminum.
and the other side...heres their website http://www.redlineoil.com I've spilt a little of this stuff on my hands and it feels like soapy water. I think that you may be able to acheive the same results with a few drops of dishwashing liquid and antifreeze. IWhat does everybody think of this idea? It does add a nice color to your coolant however...but big deal right?

Hmm... If you've been reading my "Cooling a water reservoir" topic, you'll know what state I'm in.
According to the shop I ordered the kit from, it should come next week. Yeah, right.
I'll get a 30-40liter bucket and use that for a while.

So, it feels like soapy water, huh?
First, I'll go pure water.
I'll experiment with it then, putting a half liter of antifreeze and 0.5 desiliter of liquid soap... Then I'll see about the temperature differences, and do some more experimenting.