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what the Overclock limit for GF2 MX 200?

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Mar 18, 2002
there really isn't a limit...all cards are different and they outcomes differ as well...you can have the same exact setup on two machines and get different results...i'd say start with a 3-5% o/c, then just walk your way up until it locks...then just back down...and you've probably hit your limit with your setup...sorry, i wish i could be more specific, but o/c isn't an exact science y'know...


Captain Random Senior Evil
Nov 8, 2001
OC the card

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Like the other Arcane said, a lot of factors are involved, like cooling, quality of the card's components, etc. I'd raise the core and memory separately to find the limit of each and test it with 3dmark2k1. Memory will give you graphical glitches (artifacts) when it gets too high. It's also where you'll see the most performance increase. The core will probably exit 3dmark or lock-up the computer when its clocked too high. Aim for 10% over the stock, but go up in steps of 3-5 Mhz. Then see how high it goes. It's also a good idea to test a couple of different drivers out. And record useful details like the clock speeds and which driver used, etc in the 3dmark project description so you can compare the score at various settings. Before you get lock-ups or artifacts you may notice the score getting lower instead of higher. This means its starting to get unstable and you should back it off a notch or two.

Some other things that help: disable vertical sync <under GF2MX additional properties in advanced display settings>, reboot between benchmarks, close anything that's running in the background before benching.

Get detonator drivers here: www.guru3d.com

I wish you luck. And once you've found the sweet spot and have what you consider some good 3dmark scores, maybe you'd like to join the Overclockers 3dmark Team!! The link in my signature will take you to our site, or you can find us in the very 1st thread in the video/soundcard section. We're always happy to offer tweaking advice...


Feb 2, 2002
New York
you can get about 200 core and around 200 mem if it's 5ns and if the card is made by apollo then your screwed cuz these cards are horrible. good luck.. don't bother with any modd cuz it won't make a difference since your memory is running at 64bit instead of 128bit like the 400MX.. spend no money and take her up slow..