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Whats a good mobo + heatsink?

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Jan 25, 2001
I'm planning to get a 1.2 T-bird, soon, or maybe just wait until 1.3 or even 1.4's....

anways, what are some good mobo's for O/C'ing? And what are some good heatsinks? overclockers.com 's reviews are messy and unorganized.

i don't want my mobo to have sound, as I plan to use a good sound card, RAID is fine either way, as I have a promise raid card anways.

Also, I hear that on some T-birds the pencil trick screws it up and makes it not boot??? Any reason for this? Rubbing alchohol should do the trick shoudln't it to fix it?

Also whats the difference between blue and green T-birds?
The Abit KT7a-RAID (or KT7a w/o raid as you already have it - though bear in mind the RAID version is ATA100 raid) is getting good reports. Good things are also being said about the Iwill KK266 - also a KT133a board. I have to disagree that the oc.com reviews are 'messy' - they're written by different people, so you get a whole range of views, though most people normally agree on the best boards, such as abit KT7 and asus A7v in the past. I think it makes much more sense to include a range of opinions, rather than just offering that of a single reviewer.

Good heatsinks are the alpha PEP66 and globalwin FOP38 - the swiftech MC462 is probably the best performing (just look at the size!) - http://www.swiftnets.com/mc462.htm

About your question on the pencil trick - rubbing alcohol should be fine, use a pencil eraser first and then follow it with the alcohol.