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where do i put the termal sensor ??

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Apr 20, 2001
Was at fry's electric today and saw a CompuNurse thermal sensor so i bought it it most likely sucks but it was only 15 bucks thought i would give it a try my question is do i put it right on the die or off the die don't want to smash anything have my 1.4 @ 1.54 :) default voltage but damn this is a hot chip idle is 49 NOGO and load is 51 ouch my 1ghz ran at 44c all the time
you guys think this can fry the chip ??? at 1.4 it was 47 48 or is just the chip hot thing
The 1.4's apparantly run hot by default, I wouldn't worry about it myself, those temps don't seem that far off. What HSF do you have?

As for the thermal sensor put it on the chip, next to the CPU, as close as you can without frying anything (if there is a bare metal contact) and not so close that it will affect the seal of the HSF and the CPU. DEFINATELY DO NOT PUT IT ON TOP OF THE CPU CORE!!! :)

hey thanks for the quick response
don't want to fry my new chip
I'm gonna put a blow hole on top today maybe that will help
i'm using a cak38 with artic silver 2
120mm fan blowing in on the side and 1 fan blow out the back
a radio shack gamma blower blowing up from the floor damn hairdryer hah
how accurate you think the frys thermal sensor is
looked at them on the net ouch there alot.
thanks in advance
Not sure about the Fry's Thermal sensor since we don't have Fry's here in Canada ;) But if you can get a couple of different thermometers to test it's accuracy. With the cooling and fans in there you should be fine, especially if you put a blowhole in. The Athlons in general are hot, the 1.4 is probably one of the last ones in this generation just because they are starting to run so hot. for reference I only have a FOP32-1 with a YSTech 26CFM fan (soon to be 80MM 43CFM fan) with AS2 and the stock fans in my Lian Li PC-10 case and with the temperature in the apartment at about 20^ Cel my Motherboard temps are around 30 and my CPU is around 48-50 at idle and 52-54 under load.

I have a AVIA 1.133 @ 1.333 right now.


Oh yeah, if you were talking about the CompuNurse product, they are supposed to be decent. The same sensor overall that you see in many other cooling products with the LCD screen from what I understand.