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XP1900 too warm still with ax-7

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Jul 27, 2001
Southern NY
Just recently, i upgraded my hsf from a vantec-6035d to a thermalright ax-7. I used Arctic Silver on it. My question is this: Myself and my brother have the ax-7. I have an xp1900 agoia and he has an xp2000 agoga. I installed both of the processors and hsf's in the same way with the same enermax adjustable fan on top. After the switch, of course i am now cooler than with the vantec, but my idle temp stays around 116 with the load up to 130 with an ambient of just 84 while his idle stays around 106 (116 load) with about the same ambient temp. Of course beofre i forget, the motherboard he has is a gigabyte-7VAXP and i have an epox 8k3a rev1.1. I couldn't figure out why such a temp difference. The only thing i did notice is that on my 8k3a the ax-7 is not as tight on top of the processor (ie, if you try to turn the hsf while it is on the processor) it moves with ease. If this is the problem, is there aneasy way to secure the hsf tighter to the processor (without chipping the core obviously)? Any suggestions? Thanks for any ideas you post. Much appreciated


May 11, 2001
The 8k3a uses the AMD on die temp sensor whereas the Gigabyte more than likely is measureing the air underneath the CPU don't know this to be fact I don't have experience with that board but I know for a fact that the 8k3a uses the AMD on die. What you are experiencing is quite normal.