Global Win Power Supply #SAF420 420W-P4

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Nifty looking – Joe

SUMMARY: Not your plain old power supply – windows and lights.


The good guys at Global Win were nice enough to send a sample of their power supply model #SAF420 420W-P4 (Note: The model I tested does not feature a fan switch). This is a first for Global Win and looks like a good start. Apart from the snappy chrome cover, what sets this power supply apart from the competition are the windows, lights and low noise:

Lit 2

With the cover off, the LEDs are clearly visible in the fans:

Lit 1

OK – too lazy to get the tripod.

A look inside shows the dual fan configuration:

Inside 1

Inside 2

The heatsinks are good size. I found the fans are virtually silent; I used the 420 watt model and I could not hear the fans even while testing heatsinks; we’ll be doing some stress testing and see how it fares under heavier loads. I think under “normal” load, users will find that this power supply very quiet.


First look at Global Win’s power supply #SAF420 420W-P4 is positive – a very nice looking unit and virtually silent – not a bad combination. We’ll run some further tests and report back shortly.

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