If One Person . . .

AMD made some price adjustments the other day, you can see their official pricing here.

Scanning over the prices, I noticed that prices on the lower end of the 2XX Opterons had dropped to less than $200. Seeing the opportunity for arbitrage, I went looking for prices.

It took a couple minutes of looking before a few brain cells woke up and announced, “Dope, these are socket 940 chips!” which admittedly rather reduces their appeal.

Nonetheless, one can find an OSA246BLBOX for as little as $189.

Be careful when looking elsewhere, you really should search for the term “OSA246BLBOX,” since there are still plenty of 130nm Opteron 246s for sale.

This isn’t for everybody (or maybe even anybody), but anybody with a socket 940 board might find this helpful.


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