Intel Skylake Comes in 2015, Brings DDR4 and PCI-E 4.0

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Some details regarding the successor to upcoming Broadwell CPUs, codenamed Skylake, have emerged with the leak of an alleged presentation slide. Intel’s future CPUs are to feature an all new architecture and a new socket, moving from 1150. Additionally, it will bring DDR4 memory support to the mainstream market, as well as PCI-E 4.0 for increased graphics and system bandwidth.

Intel Roadmap for HPC - Image Courtesy: Xbit Labs
Intel Roadmap for HPC – Image Courtesy: Xbit Labs

In addition to a new architecture and support for new memory and I/O bus, Skylake should bring new instructions to the table. The AVX3.2 instruction set will build on current AVX2 and will bring enhanced performance for optimized programs. Furthermore, the rumor wants Skylake could implement some level of memory unification for CPU and built-in GPU, just like AMD hUMA (heterogeneous Unified Memory Architecture) that will debut later this year. Memory unification should simplify the use of graphics processing engines for general purpose applications.

Intel’s Skylake parts are set to be built on 14nm, a manufacturing process that is the new logical step after the 22nm node which is being used for a second series of CPUs with Haswell. The new process is expected to debut in 2014 with a possible Haswell refresh. It will therefore be a mature process by the time Intel introduces its new Skylake architecture, moving along with the company’s “tick-tock” product strategy.

Source: Xbit Labs


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