iPhone Free Software

I received my iPhone 3G S this AM and found some great free management software for it.

It did take about 30 minutes to get everything straightened out – I can’t imagine how ATT is going to handle crowded stores. My experience did involve two phones, but I did not see much movement while I was there. Interesting to see multiple iPhone purchases – one girl came in for 3. Thankfully I pre-ordered and was among the first to get mine.

I’m going to spend some time playing with it (the camera is awesome), but I did come across a suite of freeware programs that can help to manage your iPhone or iPod’s content – link below:

iPhone Downloads

If you’re interested in what’s inside the iPhone, here are two tear-downs:

RapidRepair iPhone Teardown

Fixit iPhone Teardown

The iPhone is a very interesting product – the new version is a very nice evolution from the 3G.

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