Looks Good So Far

Initial reports on the Newegg 2100+ indicate that they are functioning just as well as expensive 2400+ CPUs or better.

Different people are getting different results, and some chips do seem better than others, but it looks like it will be pretty hard not to get 2.2GHz out of one; a result
of 2.3-2.4GHz with high-end air looks reasonable most of the time, and those with watercooling will do a bit better.

You’ll probably need to use 1.85V to get to around 2.4GHz, and if you’re concerned about the processor living a long time, I’d probably not give it more than that, and I really wouldn’t give it more than 1.95V.

Where Can I Get One?

Newegg has gotten in a new supply of 2100+s. Can’t guarantee these will be the same, but I think it likely they’ll be the same type of CPU. $101 OEM.

PC Nut has told me that they expect a shipment of 2100+s coming in today. Since the website hasn’t been updated yet, you might want to contact them.

The price will probably be higher than Newegg’s, but you’ll also get more technical assistance than you will from Newegg.

If other resellers get these chips, and put on their websites just what they’re selling, I’ll be happy to mention them, too.

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