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This post is a little unorthodox for our Folding Team, here at, as I am personally going out of my way to bring back an old Member Spotlight. As a matter of fact, it was the 9th one that was ever done for our team. The reason I would like to bring this to everyone’s attention, is not so much about the Spotlight, but the member it was based on. I am talking about our own pscout, also known as pete_scout, or just Pete.

Pete passed away, January 8th, 2008 from a couple different forms of cancer. He was a great man, and a huge asset to our team. He wasn’t just another member putting up big amounts of numbers, he was also a very patient mentor, and some of us had called him friend. He was a fun loving guy, who also seemed to have a positive outlook on life. He will be sorely missed by our team, but will never be forgotten.

This is the 9th in the series of T32 Spotlights!


TollHouseFrank: When did you join the Team?
Pscout: This ones easy …EOC stats tells ya – Mar 20, 05

THF: If there was something recent that you did that you wanted your fellow
team members to know about, what would it be?
P: Been busy building the farm recently … slowly over the summer, ramped up a bunch since September.

THF: So where do ya happen to live at?
P: Toronto

THF: How did you initially hear about [email protected]?
P: I think I bumped into folding first here … built my first rig last Christmas, researched it a lot on the Intel forum here. Started folding under default team sporadically until i decided i should contribute my points back to the team that help me out so much in rig building and overclocking

THF: After starting, why do you continue to Fold?
P: Initially, wanted to put the idle cycles to good use. Did a little SETI but decided folding was a more beneficial cause to contribute too.

After watching the stats, and building a backup rig for my home office, realized i had a few other computers around to fold on … so borged what i had … then decided to upgrade some of them … got hooked on qmd’s this summer and here i am.

THF: What do you do for a living?
P: I am an IT architect at a big Canadian bank. Spent 20+ years at IBM working with another bank. Built the first PC based retail banking network with the first IBM PC’s back in ’83. Refreshed them a few times, most recently in early 90’s with OS/2 servers and diskless workstations (about 25,000 PC’s over the years).

THF: What do you do for fun?
P: I like fast boats … have several to get me to and from my cottage on Georgian Bay. Also like building things … cottage additions, computers.

THF: Is there anything special you do in your spare time that you really enjoy?
P: no … i guess other than the above, i am really kinda boring. Well, i do like helping other people.

THF: Time to spill your guts. What are the stats of your main folding rig?
Why is it your favorite? What all do you use the rig for?
P: My sig rig is primarily for my work at home office … have had a home office since late 80’s (first machine was an IBM 386) … office email, presentations, used to do some programming (assembler and c), printing
also video ripping/encoding and of course folding!
Currently folds 1 QMD 724 at around 550 PPD.

THF: Do you have a Borg-Farm? If so, how many computers, and what are they?
P: sig rig p4c800 dlx 3.2e, 1gb
is7-3.0c 512MB
as8 – 520 – 1GB
as8 – 530j – 1GB
p5wd2-p 551 1GB
p5wd2 – 830 – 1GB
p4b533 3.06 512MB
ai7 – 2.4c – 512MB
p5p800 – 531 – 512MB
ic7-g – 2.4c – 1GB
p5ld2 830 – 2 GB
p5ld2 830 – 1 GB
company laptop thinkpad t41 – p-m 1.4 – 1GB
hp p3 1ghz 512 MB (wife’s)
daughter has an xp1800 and Toshiba laptop sometimes folding away at university

THF: What are your future goals? What do you most want to accomplish with
your life?
P: finish putting 2 kids through university … then get a bigger faster boat and tour

For some more information on Pete, you can have a look HERE for the original post of the Spotlight. You can also find us folding in his memory on EOC. There are also some of us that had posted up about him on the Team 32 Memorial Wall, and another thread in which we were all informed of what happened in our forums, HERE.


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  1. Very sad indeed, not I know the guy, but I wonder if those PC would be donated to stanford (i think that is who hosts folding at home right?). Seems to me he really enjoyed folding and would want them to continue doing so.
    A few members of the Folding Team are folding under Pete's username for one week in his memory. We are doing quite well, and anyone is free to join us. If anyone has any questions about how, feel free to contact me via private message, or any of our other wonderful Team 32 Folding Mentors.
    I remember Pete too..
    I was wondering what happend to him, I actually just learned what happend on saturday, I was a little bummed. I have seen some good people come and go from here, I do hope we all get to meet up again at some point!
    Yeah, I miss Pete too. He was a damn fine person and always was ready to help a person out. Our team and the world lost a very good man when he passed on.:(
    Dam it !
    I am going to seriouly take another look at pete's Geo Thermal Cooling Project.

    Yeah, I remember reading about that all the time and wanting to do my own project along those lines.
    Oh my god! I had no idea. I've been a bit busy with RL for the last year and a half...this saddens me, Pete was a GREAT guy and an awesome member. He will be and certainly is missed greatly.
    RIP Pete, and Fold On! :attn:
    pete was one of reasons I stuck around the folding forum section when I started...

    +4 salute
    he was a great guy and had some great projects. I certainly miss him :(