Mid-week Reading While The Boss Is Not Looking

Mid-week reading – lots of interesting links this week, so take a break and enjoy.

Fun ways to transform your face online

Cool apps to add some punch to your pic.

3-D TV expected to come to homes in 2010

Look good in shades?

Free widgets for your PC can save energy

Be green and save power.

How to Tweak Outlook Email to Work for You

Nice tips!

Cursive writing may be fading skill, but so what?

Especially noted in doctors.

Intel Core i7 for laptops: first review

The skinny: FAST!

The Most Promising Games of Fall 2009

A peek at what’s coming.

Windows 7 Survival Guide: From 32- To 64-Bit

Good How-To on migrating drivers.

Protecting Mom’s PC

A boost for Linux or a Mac.

Keep Razors Sharp with Mineral Oil

Nice tip – save some $ by extending disposable’s blades.

Sound Sleeping Helps You Mix Custom Sleep Tracks

For those who need some help getting to sleep.

Microsoft begins confirming Windows 7 launch parties

Is this like a Tupperware Party for geeks?

“A top scientist claims that it will soon be possible to back up your brain and download yourself into your PC.”

The ultimate geek dream?

Giant squid caught off coast of Louisiana

That’s a LOT of calamari!

Swedish military bras burst, melt during ‘rigorous exercise’

Defies description!

12 Terrific Tech Cartoons

Worth a look!

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