MSI Launches Z170A SLI PLUS Motherboard

MSI is getting ready to launch a new motherboard in their Z170 line, the Z170A SLI PLUS. You may recognize the namesake of the board from its older twin on the X99 platform, the X99A SLI PLUS. MSI reports that this board offers “an enhanced experience and best in productivity and reliability…and has been configured to satisfy even the most demanding user.”


Looking at the picture above, you can see the X99 version’s stealthy all black theme made it to the Z170A iteration. If there is any board that will match any theme, its a plain old black one like this…I have to say I like the look!

As far as productivity goes, the Z170A SLI PLUS comes with the latest Intel Gigabit network card (I219-V), uses MSI’s DDR4 boost technology (optimized traces and fully isolated memory circuitry to ensure the memory signals stay pure for the best performance and stability), a Turbo M.2 slot (delivers up to 32GB/s performance), and the award-winning Click BIOS 5 to efficiently and effectively tune your system for maximum performance.

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On the reliability side, the Z170A SLI PLUS sports its Steel Armor reinforcing the PCIe slots (up to 4x stronger) to support the heaviest of graphics cards. It also has the Military Class 4 components featuring Hi-c Caps, SFC chokes, and solid CAPs to make sure the PC runs more stable under extreme conditions. In order to assist with troubleshooting, it has an EZ Debug LED for ease of seeing what is going on in the boot process, as well as overvoltage protection.

Its enhanced experience comes from the Audio Boost and the Realtek ALC1150 CODEC as well as the use of premium quality audio components. It also sports the latest in USB technology in USB 3.1 Gen2 ports at up to 10Gb/s.


On paper it sounds like a winner! Keep an eye out on the front page for a review (hopefully) in the next couple of weeks!

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