No PCI-E for Athlon XP

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The Inquirer says AMD says so.

Can’t honestly say I ever expected them to do that, so it’s hardly a disappointment.

It is a fairly solid indication that AMD doesn’t have a contingency 90nm Athlon XP in the back of their heads, though. If you were hoping for that, stop hoping.

It does, however, emphasize the tie-in between your next video card purchase and your next platform upgrade, though.

A lot of people like to upgrade one component at a time, and that’s not going to work terribly well, here, especially since most people like to hang on to their video cards for a while.

It would be a lot better for most if they treated their next platform and video card upgrades like the animals in Noah’s Ark, in pairs.

This is even more true for those who buy impulsively. If you suddenly decide you have to have one of those video cards that just came out, no matter what you say today, odds are, six-nine months from now, you’re just going to have to have to have a Hammer platform, which will mean you’re just going to have to have enough money to buy a second video card, or be an eBay wizard.

And when you say, “Who knew?” I’ll just have to tell you “I told you so.” 🙂

Looking ahead is good. This is why.

Really. 🙂



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