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Handy utility to increase Windows performance – Joe

SUMMARY: Handy utility to increase Windows performance.

Windows multi-tasking works by allocating slices of CPU time among the various programs running. Most of the time Windows sets the priority level to “average” by default – this means that the program you’re currently using has about the same demand on the CPU’s time as programs that are lurking around in the background. You can find out what’s happening by using Windows Task Manager:


You can right-click on any process, see its priority level is and change it as follows:

  • Low – typical priority for programs that update infrequently, such as screen savers
  • Below Normal
  • Normal – Window’s Default setting
  • Above Normal
  • High
  • Realtime


Selecting Realtime can lock up the system – it is for those applications that interface to hardware directly, such as for the mouse and keyboard; setting a program to Realtime will raise the program’s priority above Windows itself.

However once changed with Task Manager, it’s now set at this level whether you use it or not. A MUCH easier way to do this is a small utility called Actual Booster v3.1. This utility allows users to easily set the currently active program’s priority at will.

Key Features:

  • Change the priority level for currently active program – other programs’ priorities unchanged
  • Places icon in taskbar
  • Select hotkeys for Options and program exit
  • Can load on Winnows startup
  • Small size – 64 KB in size and uses about 1-2 MB of memory when running

Note: If you are concerned about this download, see the Actual Booster 3.1 Antivirus Report. In addition, this program is available from multiple download sources and you should do a virus scan before loading it.

After installing Actual Booster and running it, you will see this icon in the task tray:


Right click on it to get to “Options” and you see this:


You can then change the priority for the currently active program as indicated (remember: DO NOT use Realtime!).

This program works best for single-core CPUs, the older the better. However, be advised that it will slow down programs running in the background (no such thing as a free lunch) and extended use of one program might lead to a glitch somewhere. However, after trying this out on an older machine, I can see programs running visibly faster than before.


Give it a try – it’s easy to use and you may see a real speed boost while using it; if not, no harm done.

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