Overclockers Choice Awards - 1st Half 2011

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Lend us your voice Overclockers! Vote to select the best components currently available for Overclockers in 2011, and we’ll publish the results on June 1st, 2011. Overclockers Choice is awarded to the best of the best by you, the Overclockers community members. Of course, the definition of best is open for you to interpret as you please. In the results, we all will be able to evaluate our opinions on performance, features, and value!

Poll options were nominated by our forum members in the open nomination discussions. The ground rules for nominations were the components must currently be in production or available in major retail outlets. There’s clearly no room for eMachines here, now its up to our readers to decide who takes home the crown for each category.

EDIT: Polls are now closed. Check back June 1st to see the results!

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  1. Thanks for the help saint19 - there was a lot of copy and pasting and organizing to put the nominations together. :thup:
    37 people voted so far, not a bad start... Keep them coming! :rock:
    Unfortunately, numerous good options bit the dust as they aren't currently in production or are only available as leftover retail stock. The RIIE would have been a great option if we started doing these polls a year ago - currently its unavailable through newegg, and can only be purchased new on amazon through a few oddball retailers. There are other great pieces of equipment that didn't make the cut for the same reason, because this isn't a best of all time list so we have to draw the line somewhere.
    Some items like the RIIE are still available in certain outlets with leftover stock, but most high volume vendors don't have any left because they aren't in production any longer. When deciding where to draw the line, this was the most reasonable decision we could come to.
    So to clarify, if its not available through Newegg, or only available in extremely limited quantities through amazon... It should have been left off the list. There are likely some mistakes - compiling the nominations was a manual process, as was checking online for retail availability. It was an arduous task.
    just checked guys, out of curiosity, but you can vote as many times as you wish, im sure nobodies that dishonest around here just to spam one entry but im just saying.
    Thanks for the heads up, had planned on that being a potential issue. We have ways of handling it, and will be accounting for it when we parse the submissions. As with all things, if someone really wants to abuse it they can. But we're taking reasonable measures to ensure its fairly accurate. As with any internet poll though, this should not be considered scientific or terribly reliable.
    I realize i'm getting old and going blind, but are we able to watch the results as people are voting or is it going to be a surprise when it's all over?
    Actually, EVGA do have a SR-2 power supply. It's a 1200W PSU. EVGA used the SR-2 name on the PSU and mobo probably to try and get people to buy both items.