Overclockers Choice Awards – 1st Half 2011

Lend us your voice Overclockers! Vote to select the best components currently available for Overclockers in 2011, and we’ll publish the results on June 1st, 2011. Overclockers Choice is awarded to the best of the best by you, the Overclockers community members. Of course, the definition of best is open for you to interpret as you please. In the results, we all will be able to evaluate our opinions on performance, features, and value!

Poll options were nominated by our forum members in the open nomination discussions. The ground rules for nominations were the components must currently be in production or available in major retail outlets. There’s clearly no room for eMachines here, now its up to our readers to decide who takes home the crown for each category.

EDIT: Polls are now closed. Check back June 1st to see the results!

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