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Put your artistic talents to work! Contest begins today, submissions end 09/27/09!

As you know from Joe’s previous announcement, overclockers.com is being integrated with the forums under a unified command structure headed by iNet and Joe C.  You can find discussion of these changes here on the forums.

Pursuant to this venture, the traditional overclockers.com page is undergoing a complete revamp, both aesthetically and back-end wise.

We would like you, our readers and forum members, to come up with logo designs.  This is your community, so go ahead and help us out with your mad photochopping skillz. If your logo(s) are selected, you will receive a surprise in the mail!

Contest details:

Contest opens: Today 09/18/2009

Contest Ends: Next week, Sunday 09/27/2009 12:00

Venue: This forum thread!

Good luck!

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