SETI News: Retakes 6th Place

The SETI Team takes back 6th Place! This week passed the Czech National Team, which held 4th Place for two years and 6th Place for the last three years. As a relatively small team this is a huge achievement! Between May and October 2005 we lost 6th and 7th Place to L’Alliance Francophone and BOINC Synergy. Recently we retook 7th Place pushing BOINC Synergy behind us, again. Let’s take a closer look at the current Top 10 teams, their size, and their SETI output, measured in RAC or Recent Average Credit:

As you can see our membership is quite small compared to our contemporaries yet our RAC is more or less in line with out current position. This speaks well of our members who, on an individual basis, continue to crunch far in excess of the competition one-on-one. Our members and their commitment to SETI make us strong – and our overclocking knowledge doesn’t hurt either! At the present time our position looks pretty secure. Our total points will keep us ahead of any would-be userpers from behind while our RAC will continue to haunt those ahead like a pack of hunting dogs on the heels of it’s prey. It’ll be a long chase but I believe, with continuing commitment and solidarity, we will take 5th Place … but today we celebrate!


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