Socket 900?

This place says that AMD is trying out a 90nm CPU that uses a different socket, socket 900.

The code name of the chip, Toledo, is one that has been on AMD roadmaps for introduction sometime the second half of 2005.

The blurb says that Toledo handles DDR2, and it’s hard to see what else might cause the need for a new socket. It also says that dual cores coming after Toledo will also use DDR2.

While I don’t think the article is correct in assuming that we’ll see these products rather soon, it probably is correct in assuming that a DDR2 compatible platform is not going to be compatible with any Hammers or mobos you’ll be able to buy anytime soon.

Effectively that means if you want a DDR2 Hammer system, you’ll have to wait until all the pieces of the puzzle are together before you do so. You won’t be able to buy a Hammer now, and buy a new mobo and memory later.


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