The Hermaphroditic Motherboard

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ECS has apparently displayed a motherboard which can run either Intel or AMD CPUs.


I suppose I could see some use for a mobo that incorporated two computers in one, especially if it were PC/Mac, but this doesn’t do that. In the end, you do one or the other, not both. If you’re using one and you want to use the other, you have to open up the machine and replace the CPU each and everytime that mood strikes you. You’d also better have two OS installations ready to boot, too. Maybe Linux doesn’t mind going both ways, but doing that with Windows is asking for trouble.

Maybe developers wanting to test code on both platforms would find this a bit less inconvenient than having two machines, but beyond that, I have trouble seeing why anyone else besides the terminally indecisive would want this.

There are some areas in life where you ought to be able to make up your mind.



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