Thermosyphon Independent Tests

SUMMARY: Independent test results confirm the thermosyphon’s competitive cooling performance.

To illustrate the comparative performance of a thermosyphon relative to heatpipes and watercooling, the following chart has been provided by a technology company which, for competitive reasons, will be revealed at a later date. The independent test data of the thermosyphon we are developing shown in the following graph is slated for publication this December, but the author has kindly consented to our publishing some of the test results.

These tests substantiate the results I’ve been showing in our progress updates.

The graph below tests two copper condensers, one sized to fit one 92 mm fan, the other to fit two 92 mm fans; the amperage figure refers to fan speeds, with the higher amperage fan being “aggressive” and the lowest for low speed/low noise fans.



  • The excellent Thermalright XP90C exhibits the constrained wattage range of current heatpipes; to handle higher heat loads, more heatpipes and larger fin arrays are needed, hence larger and heavier units;
  • Doubling condenser length yields about a 1-2ºC performance difference;

  • A well crafted thermosyphon can be an effective, simpler and cheaper alternative to water cooling.


Air cooling has its place in CPU cooling as does water. Thermosyphons, I believe, will emerge as a compelling alternative for cooling solutions where high heat densities, extended temperature handling, low noise and low cost are important considerations.

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