Using Your Old Socket 775 Mounting Hardware On Your Brand New P55 Setup

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Tired of waiting for 1156 mounting hardware to be released for your Thermalright products (or heatsink manufacturer of your choice)?  Luckily, using only a few supplies from your local hardware store, you can adapt your old s775 heat sink mounting hardware to fit on your P55 setup.  I now have my Thermalright Ultra 120 mounted up to my Gigabyte P55-UD6, allowing me to clock my Core i5 750 like it was a Wolfdale.

This won’t only work on Thermalright mounting hardware.  In fact, you should be able to modify most aftermarket cooling solutions in the same way.  The only extra step you may have to take is drilling the bracket holes out a little.  It also works for stock Intel Socket 775 coolers – you just pull the push pins out.

I started with four 6-32 1” bolts from Home Depot.  Pick any kind you like the look of best.  To go between those and the motherboard, I chose paper washers to protect it.  I’ve also used metal washers before and I’ve used no washers at all successfully.

For the top side, I used metal washers to keep the springs flat.  You don’t need the springs, I just had them laying around and decided to include them.  To finish it off, I used wing nuts, simply because the Home Depot I went to didn’t have any better looking thumb nuts.  Obviously use something that will be easy to apply with your hands, to keep this a tool-less job.

The few supplies after a quick Home Depot run:


A typical 1156 socket area:



Bolts in place:



Heatsink mounted up and ready to rock:



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