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Do you ever find yourself not enjoying your video game genocidal spree as much as usual because you’re not really killing? Do you tire of killing what after all are usually figments of somebody’s imagination?

Would you like to go hunting and shooting on the Internet, and end up with something, well, really dead?

Well, very shortly, you’ll be able to do just that, and here’s where you can do just that.

Basically, someone who runs a hunting ranch in Texas has decided to enter the computer era. He’s set up a computer-controlled rifle that people on the Internet can aim and fire. Right now, public use is limited to target-shooting, but they plan to shortly offer real animal hunting (technology and the Texas Legislature willing).

Before any sick puppies get any ideas, the system is monitored so that you can’t shoot what you’re not supposed to shoot (like the ranch employees or other hunters). If you end up being not such a hot shot, those monitoring folks will have a gun handy to finish the job (and hopefully turn off the remote firing mechanism before venturing out to do so).

You can have your hunt recorded and put on a DVD, and purchase all the other services you might want after your hunt, like meat packing, taxidermy and the like.

Real-time, real-life Internet shooting won’t come cheap, though, a hunt with all the fixings will cost something a bit north of $500, though the price is probably not that much different than those charged for an old-style trophy hunt.

Target-shooting is much cheaper, $14.95 a month to join, $5.95 per ten-round clip.

Some folks in the Texas Legislature don’t like this idea at all, and want to ban it, but the owner of the place says it’s hardly any different than current guided hunting, and it’s hard not to agree with him. If you’re against this, you’re not against Internet hunting, you’re against hunting.

If this does well, no doubt this field of enterprise will spread.

We suspect current real hunters will take it or leave it, based mostly on how much or little access they have to the real thing. We see it as just another way the Internet makes what would otherwise be difficult or inconvenient easy.

What we’re curious about is what gamers will think about this. Will many like this idea because the killing is real, or repulsed by the reality?

Do gamers like violence in video games despite their actions having no real-life consequences, or do they like it precisely because their actions have no real-life consequences?


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  1. I think its a great idea. ex 1. (only one I can think of). Bob is 43. He is a life long hunter. He now suddenly has a dibilitating illness and cannot get out of a bed, let alone hunt. Bob, misses the hunt.
    Now Bob, can hunt some deer, improve his moral, blah blah.
    Good for Bob.

    hmmm. I am getting an idea.
    I will start a Kitty farm. And people can shoot kittens via the internet, then I fedex them the carcass to stuff/cook/whatever. People will be able to saticfy their need for kitten carnage online in real time :)
    /me waits to become the most popular member on OCF :attn: :D
    I'm not sure how this is really any different than a video game, other than the fact that you really are killing something. Most likely a farm raised dear on a leash that has been put in front of a gun for you. YEA!!! feel the thrill of the hunt!! Look at that deer on your screen, move your mouse.. Click!! wow... I got it..err... some trypod with a gun on it got it...
    Honnestly, if you need to shoot fish in a barrel that bad, go work in a slaughter house. Maby they will let you stun the cows.
    I'm getting deja vu here, did someone post a thread about this in GD a few months back?
    Anyhoo, seems a bit of a pointless and unsatisfying way to get your jollies. Ima start an internet butchery chain where if you pay $300 to shoot a cartoon cow, I'll ship you $250 worth of steak and hamburg.
    am a hunter, and always will be.
    if you are not good enough of a person to actually WALK miles into the woods, sit, wait, actually shoot it.... gut and skin it... cook it yourself.... THEN YOU HAVE NO REASON TO EVER PICK UP THAT GUN.
    this 'hunting over the net'.... is just poaching. I look at it as just poaching. Plain and simple. Hunters enjoy the experience, the hunt for food.... they don't hunt for trophy or bragging rights (though we do brag for years about that 30 pointer that weighed a ton :D ).
    Ima start an internet butchery chain where if you pay $300 to shoot a cartoon cow, I'll ship you $250 worth of steak and hamburg.

    ROFLMAO :clap:
    Matttheniceguy and TollhouseFrank hit this one on the head. This isn't hunting, this is target practice... and you aren't even there. Skill involved: none.
    "Ooh, I can move my mouse and click!" Faugh!
    As for the America's Armies thing...
    It'll come, friend. Sorry, but it will. It's been building for a long time.
    Go read "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card, or watch "Toys", with Robin Williams (I think that was a part of the movie, sorry, never watched it through, cannot stand that guy).
    And why wouldn't it? It's "humane" after all... our soldiers won't actually be in any danger, they'll be miles away in a bunker, staring at a couple of computer screens.
    I'm more worried about this causing psychosis... if a video game can suddenly be real... sorry, the idea is too big right now, need time to absorb it.
    Meanwhile, I'm waiting for the new Army posterboy: a pimply, 250-lb 30-year-old who lives with his parents.

    I'm more worried about this causing psychosis... if a video game can suddenly be real... sorry, the idea is too big right now, need time to absorb it.
    Meanwhile, I'm waiting for the new Army posterboy: a pimply, 250-lb 30-year-old who lives with his parents.

    Gives a whole new definition to a 'LAN Party'
    I can here an old friend now; "Only in America can we be so lazy to take the hunt out of hunting!" I don't buy into the handicap angle either. I knew an older man who had arthritis so bad he could barley write his own name. He was legally handicap, had emphysema, liver problems, 3 of his vertebra fused together, and had trouble walking where just a few of his problems. But he could still find ways to get out in the middle of the woods to hunt dear, right to his last year of life. There are many handicap ATVs and ATV mods out there to allow even people paralyzed the ability to drive off road. Not to mention hunting is a buddy sport, your out there for more than the kill.
    To just use a computer to do it for you defies the point of hunting. I am fine with this as someones business, just don't call it hunting.
    Ive been a Hunter for 25 years. I Have Hunted all Over North america. Every Out of state hunt ive Been on were SELF guided Hunts. Where your dropped off By Plane, and Tent and Walk, and Pack for 13 days. Never in my life have I heard of such a thing. Internet hunting with the Aid of A computer. The guns are Zeroed in to Within a 1/4 inch. This is Just a sad Thing. Hunting is Suppose to be an Itimate experiance. This is Just wrong. The animal in persuit Has no chance. Thats NOT Hunting. Its Just a cruel Cheap thrill. A Thrill of Killing. Most of these folks will pay the money to Just KILL, and not bother Having the meat Delivered.
    Im a dissabled hunter, Broke my back in 2 places in 1999. I Still get out and Hunt. My Bow instructer years ago Had only use of one hand(Not arm), and Could use his head. They made him a Bow holder for his chair, Made a special camo pickup with a blind in the back, and he had a special release he Triggered with his chin after aiming with his Wheelchair. So this dissabled crud Just dont Wash!!!!!! This man was a 5 time national Archery champion, and The pioneer of Modern Bow hunting. John Dumar. RIP John.
    I honestly think this is probably the most stupidest thing I have EVER heard in my life. I can't even believe this is happening.... It literally makes me sick.
    ARRRGGHHH... :mad:
    Have you ever felt like decking someone in the face?
    It has now gotten WAY out of hand.