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    Unhappy E90f

    Ok, just installed my new mobo and HD, check my sig for all my info. Have the latest drivers and bios. For some odd reason, my Viewsonic won't show on my display, it only shows plug and play moniter. WTF happened? This never heppend on my KT3 ultra. I installed both the cd driver and the the website's driver and nothing. Please help.
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    Which OS are you on?

    edit: I see it now. I've only had this problem with Win2k, here's what I did.
    Go into Control Panel and then System, find where it has your "Plug and Play Monitor," tell it to upgrade the driver. Put your Viewsonic CD in the drive, and tell it to search the CD for updated drivers for your monitor. It should find them and load them.

    If it needs a particular file that it can't find, you might have to find the path to that file manually. I did this by using the search function in Windows for that one file on the CD. Then I directed the program to look in that directory and it found it and now it says I'm on a P95f+ instead of a Plug and Play monitor.
    Hope this helps.

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