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Another Fatal1ty

Abit is supposed to launch a line of boards called the “Fatal1ty” series after some U.S. self-proclaimed world champion gamer. To launch the product line, hey organized a “Great Wall Shootout” in which Fatal1ty proceded to get himself killed by Read More

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No Problem?

In the aftermath of Intel’s decision to not put out a 4.0GHz, I’ve repeatedly seen the comment “Unlike Intel, AMD seems to be doing fine with 90nm transition.” Excuse me? Do we share the same reality? The Facts Prescott was Read More

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No 4.0 From Intel

Big Deal? Intel announced that it was cancelling its 4.0GHz Prescott. It said it was doing so because it was now more interested in doing other things with CPU. Ha. Ha. Ha. An honest explanation would have been, “We’re going Read More