Air Cooling Tragedy

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Rubber band saga – Matthew Bidinger

Be advised prior to continuing through this article, geekdom may be contagious.

Briefing: I use an old Thermalright SLK (700 I think) with a Panaflo L1A on my 1800+ pally – the sink isn’t made to accept this fan size.

The Story: So anyway, my computer starts to give some errors and I have to reinstall some applications and drivers to eliminate them, but then the errors start coming back within an hour or so. Mmmmmkkkk – completely uncharacteristic of my system.

So I go to bed for the night and leave it for tomorrow, and a few times throughout the night I vaguely recognize the sound of a spinning up CD ROM drive. My PC is fairly close to my bed, and it didn’t really wake me up… But in the morning I was thinking to myself – why was I having dreams about spinning up CD ROM’s last night and what the hell is wrong with me?

I’m 22 – I should be having dreams about beer and loose women.

As I’m getting dressed for work the CD ROM spins up again – I look over at my monitor and see the PC is rebooting – it’s been doing this all night. *rolleyes*

MMmmmkkkk. So I press the reset button and go into BIOS to check my insocket thermistor readings – yup, about 65ºC or so – idle temp way above my normal load temps! I continue to crack the case, and low and behold…


…The rubber band holding the fan on the heatsink appears to have snapped – it lays stretched out in a straight line atop my 3dfx card. Yes, 3dfx. Its a Voodoo5500 – for those familiar with this card, it’s no wonder it landed here; it would have been nearly impossible to miss. I lift the band’s broken carcass from its resting place and inspect its status closer. Rubber banbrokeney, no more worky.

I guess these things happen; that thin little band served me well for many months. What to do next? How can I replace this loss?

Mildly distraught, with misty eyes, I go upstairs…

BEHOLD! Within my supply drawer, hidden amongst pens, erasers, stamps,paper clips and envelopes…


Needless to say, I’m back up and running at normal temps, thanks to a new little rubbery friend. 😀

To anyone out there who suggests alternative solutions and offers warnings – save it sister. I’ve always been one to do things I know I shouldn’t. I’ll stick with my rubber bands… It gives me some edge in my life of geekdom!

Matthew Bidinger aka I.M.O.G.


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  1. Definately upgrade to a dual RubberBand system. And dont scimp on the cheap knowckoff RubberBands go for the RubberBand(c) brand ones, they are really the best.
    I know a dutch company that recently upgraded their ''no-snap'' warranty from 3 to 5 years...
    Or you could try to set up RAIR1..redundant array of inexpensive spreads the load over multiple bands so that theres backup when one snaps. RAIR0 isnt that safe but allows for longer distances :bday:
    I had a similar setup on my rig. I didn't just use it to hold the fan to the sink, it held the whole sink to the board(busted center clip on socket A). I used zip ties instead of rubber bands though. I figured that the heating and cooling would wear out a rubber band faster than a more rigid zip tie. Worked like a charm though temps were little higher.
    Funny story none the less.
    IMOG's experiences could start a revolution in the currently general ideas on the use of rubberbands in the cooling systems of today's computers :beer:
    so you guys learned a lot from the article?

    Yup, the downward spiral of articles being published on the front page has been getting worse. Humor is one thing but that isn’t what the front page needs. I guess the front page is getting really desperate for writers.
    Yup, the downward spiral of articles being published on the front page has been getting worse. Humor is one thing but that isn’t what the front page needs. I guess the front page is getting really desperate for writers.

    glad I'm not alone
    I wish we had more articles like BillA's thermochill articles
    To those of you who are not happy with the articles of late: As you know, anyone can write for the frontpage, not all the articles are going to be amazing and informative, some of them are supposed to be goofs. Anyways, if you feel so strongly about making the articles better, write a few. Members here are encourage to write articles for the front page, hell, you could even win a prize. I wrote something and won a nice heatsink for it. Go for it. Encourage your friends as well. Sometimes in life, there is nothing you can do about a situation you are unhappy with, but this is not one of those times, get out there and write some articles. Good luck if you decide to write. If you need something to write about, contact me, I have a few ideas, but I don't have time to write on them at the moment.
    What concerns me more is the keyword advertizements within the articles themselves. Those annoy me.
    I dont mind the odd humourous article, but I certainly do enjoy the technical stuff.
    I wasn't referring to you specifically, it was just kind of a general comment. It's always nice to see members I recognize from the forums contributing to the front page.

    Same here. And I am working on figuring out some logistics for a new one for sometime in december/january/febuary. (hint: it gets really cold in canada during those months).
    I'm glad some appreciated the humor. :)
    I wrote that a month or two ago and posted it as a thread and some people got a laugh out of it. Seeing that some enjoyed it, I sent it to the frontpage at that time also, and it has just sat there since.
    Obviously, this is a reflection of what Joe thought of it - he sent me an email with a link today, and wrote "cute article". Malware Warfare was posted within a day of submittal - within two days I received close to 50 emails telling me it helped or was otherwise good, and links are still being posted around the web.
    As you all should know, the frontpage scrapes for articles at times, and sometimes they need something to fill the dead areas. Basically, AA has some good advice that can also apply to the internet - take what you like, leave what you don't.
    Suggesting this is a reflection of some large downward spiral from the frontpage is ludicrous to me - the content of the frontpage is nothing more than a reflection of whats going on in the industry now. People are not too excited about what is new and hot, and who wants to hear about another overclocked 2500+M?
    If it takes well over a month for a humorous article to get posted, while often times multiple articles are posted every day, I wouldn't say the frontpage is hurting for writers either. Just short on material some days.
    Other than that, all I can say is that there are some people who will never be pleased - the guys on the frontpage know that and they run the frontpage how they like it. If something impresses them, they post it. If something amuses them, they post it. That's what I take from what I see there... And this works for slashdot rather well. :eh?:
    Google reports that there are 700 sites linking to - so that also tells me that they're doing something right. :-/
    sweet.. 700 sites.. i wonder if mine is one of them? lol
    wow.. never thought of useing all them rubbers.. ever make a rubber ball? they are fun
    does anyone know what the melting temp of the bands are? ...make sure they dont get too near to the heatsink lol
    IMOG told me his little story not too long ago, and it's nice to see another external writer article.
    I like Ed's stuff. It's the first site I visit and read every morning along with my Foxnews and MSNBC, and Anand.
    I like Joe's stuff. He's good at testing things, but we need more stuff! There seems to be a lack of interesting hardware to review lately that's cooling related.
    Perhaps start reviewing GPU and NB coolers? Popular OCing mainboards with an twist?
    The number of user submitted cooling articles seem to me to be far and few between now in my observation, unfortunately.