3DMark Vantage 1.1.0 – Basic Edition Now Free!

Futuremark has released 3DMark Vantage 1.1.0 and there’s good news for those of you that don’t like to pay for benchmarks. The basic version, formerly $6.95, is now free! From the Futuremark press release:

3DMark® Vantage Basic Edition Now Available As Free Download

Update Adds Compatibility for All Display Resolutions

HELSINKI, FINLAND – MARCH 15, 2011 – Futuremark® today released an update for 3DMark® Vantage, the DirectX 10 benchmark for measuring PC gaming performance. The update brings 3DMark Vantage in line with the other Futuremark benchmarks 3DMark 11 for DirectX 11 and 3DMark06 for DirectX 9 by making the Basic Edition available to all as a free download. The Basic Edition allows an unlimited number of benchmark runs without registration or expiry. The update also adds display scaling enabling the benchmark to be used with a much wider range of DirectX 10 compatible notebooks, netbooks and desktop PCs.

3DMark Vantage version 1.1.0

  • Trial Edition discontinued
  • Basic Edition now free, was previously $6.95
  • Added display scaling to all presets: benchmark now scales the output to best fit the display
  • GPU physics acceleration is now disabled by default during the CPU tests
  • Systeminfo component updated to version 4.0

Product range

  • 3DMark Vantage Basic Edition, free download
  • 3DMark Vantage Advanced Edition, $19.95
  • 3DMark Vantage Professional Edition, $995.00

Special offer available until 10:00 GMT March 21

  • Existing Basic Edition owners can upgrade to the Advanced Edition for only $4.95

3DMark Vantage is a performance benchmark for DirectX 10 compatible gaming PCs. It includes two graphics tests, two CPU tests and, in the Advanced Edition, six additional feature tests. Since its release in April 2008 more than 2.8 million results have been submitted to Futuremark’s searchable online database. The scores generated by 3DMark Vantage are unaffected by the update to version 1.1.0.

Get the free download of 3DMark Vantage Basic Edition (or buy the upgraded editions) here: http://www.3dmark.com/3dmarkvantage

Thanks to EarthDog, we found out about this yesterday. He also linked to out a mirror of the full version at TechPowerUP! After a little digging I found the upgrade patch at MajorGeeks.

Some will remember the issue with the first 3DMark 11 patch hurting performance compared to a full reinstall. We haven’t had the opportunity to test the difference yet, and there shouldn’t be any considering the last sentence quoted above. If anyone wants to check them against each other, we’d love to hear about your experience; please post in the comments!

– Jeremy Vaughan (hokiealumnus)

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While the article was prompted by a press release email this morning, all credit for knowing about this goes to EarthDog. :thup:

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