8800 GTS/GTX Cooler Mod

How-To – Drinkyoghurt

My friend Supernade over at OCforums was asking for some nice cooling mods. Well, guess who had one up his sleeve. This mod will take of 3-10ºC off your temperature – I cannot verify this because the 8800GTS I am using for this mod is DEAD (not because of this mod).

Why would you want to mod a videocard’s heatsink? Modding it will result in lower temps and less noise, also added is the “cool” factor which you add to the card.

The amount of noise this mod generates purely depends on what 92 mm fan you install on it. I took a Vanessa S-Type 92 mm fan which has speed control, so you can choose between silence and performance.

Warning: I am not responsible for any damage caused by this mod, although this is a mod with a very low chance of screwing up. You might also void your warranty with this mod.

For this mod we will need:

  • 8800GTS/8800GTX with stock cooler
  • 2x Small zip ties
  • Screwdriver
  • 92 mm fan
  • Spacers (can be cardboard for the matter)

First up, remove the 4 screws that attach the shroud to the cooler:


Now take off the shroud – you can see the aluminum fins and the heatpipe.
If you look at the left side of the fins (top and bottom), you can see a few holes (bottom only 1).


Now take your 92 mm fan, spacers and zip ties and get to work. You should force the zip ties through the holes (because they are small, but if you have small and long enough zip ties, this should go easy). Do the same for the fan holes (with the same zip ties) and connect it to the heat sink firmly – two zip ties should suffice. Don’t forget to install the spacers – otherwise the fan will have a huge dead spot.


Connect the 92 mm fan to your power supply (or to your motherboard) and disable the original 8800 GTS/GTX fan as it doesn’t do much without a shroud.

Your mod is now finished, enjoy!


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Captain Helghas


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When did adding a better fan to a heatsink become a quality front page post? Honestly, isn't this rule number 3 on pc cooling law?

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Magical Leopluridon Senior

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The original fan should probably be left on to provide some airflow around the VRM area of the board. That part gets hooooot.

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Nice mod Drinkyoghurt.

Think it would be possible to cut the shroud at the point it contacts with the 92mm fan?

That way you still get the benefit of the onboard fan pushing through the fins and may help push some of the hot air out the back.

yes it's possible, but that would void your warranty by alot :P
this way you could still put it back on if you wanted to RMA

When did adding a better fan to a heatsink become a quality front page post? Honestly, isn't this rule number 3 on pc cooling law?

hey not my idea, supernade made up a thread that we could make a mod for any cooling and get it on the frontpage, I digged that :D

Also: sorry for the lack of perfect english, being bilingual is hard :p

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I vote this the best simple mod of 07, my sli gtx's idle at 55C and max at 68C load with this mod running 650core 950 mem, all for the price of two 92mm fans I already had. They would idle at 65-67C and load at 76-80C with the stock coolers.

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