A Gig From Google

Google is planning to offer in the near future their own web-based email accounts.

Why should you care?

The reasons why some of you should care is:

  • It’s free
  • It offers a gigabyte of storage, which is a couple magnitudes of order greater than the average free email account
  • It will offer Google search technology to make finding that old message with an important nugget of information easier.
  • It implements user feedback into spam blocking which ought to make it quite effective.

    It’s not available yet; the link above lets you sign up for updates as to when it will be.

    It does lack a few features often found in these type email accounts, like automatic forwarding and POP3 access.

    Granted, for those who delete practically all their email right away, this is no great shakes, but for those who have reason to hang on to it and find web-based email convenient, this looks pretty good.

    If nothing else, this ought to make all the other web-based email providers think twice about the current incremental policy of giving you less and less if they can’t charge you more.


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