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Bridges, routers, hubs and switches

Today’s networks consisting of more than a couple computers often find themselves in need of quicker and easier data transmission and solutions equipped to handle more complex network traffic. This article takes a look at how bridges, routers, hubs and switches make networks run. Read More

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Reinvent The Event

Tom’s Hardware Guide has decided to get into the expo business. Well, sort of. What’s really happening is that the computer expo people in New York, have clustered a number of conventions under one roof. If you’d like a free Read More

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Give It Back!

We are amused to point out that AMD wants the FX-51 systems it handed to reviewers back and won’t give them socket 939 systems until they do. It sure shows them who’s boss, doesn’t it? It should show you, too. Read More

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Jumping To Jonah

Digitimes says that the next generation Intel processor which is supposed to put out the flames will come out somewhere between the middle of 2005 and the middle of 2006. Since Intel is going to have to retool a new Read More