Danger Den GPU Maze4 Waterblock

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Waterblock Test – Joe

SUMMARY: A very good choice for GPU cooling, with low pressure drop.


The good guys at Danger Den were nice enough to send a Maze 4 GPU Waterblock to test out.

Danger Den’s GPU Maze4 GPU Waterblock features

  • ½” Chrome fittings
  • Copper base

The base


appears well machined – I could feel no ridges.


The Danger Den GPU Maze4 Waterblock was tested using the CPU Die Simulator and Waterblock Test Rig.


Test Conditions: Inlet Water Temp: 28.5 C; Mounting force: 15 pounds; Heat Load: 70 Watts.



Pressure Drop – psi

Pressure Drop – inches H2O

Maze 4 GPU Waterblock




NOTE: These results are NOT comparable to tests done by others.
Unrounded data: 0.171 C/W with 0.0005 std dev.

Test Results indicate that the Maze 4’s pressure drop (or head loss) across the waterblock is low; flow resistance at this level means that daisy-chaining it with a low pressure drop CPU waterblock and moderate waterpump is an OK move. Decreasing waterflow to 0.5 gpm increases die temps by about 2.0º C, while increasing flow to 1.5 gpm decreases die temps by 1.0º C.

For a comparison of the Danger Den Maze 4’s performance to other GPU waterblocks tested to date, see Overclockers.com Waterblock Test Results.


Danger Den’s Maze 4 GPU Waterblock is a very good choice for GPU cooling, with its low pressure drop and good performance; this is particularly important you use daisy-chaining to cool other components.

Thanks again to Danger Den for sending this our way.

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