A New Duron

Overnight, I got over three hundred instances of the SoBig F virus sent to me. From some of the email addresses I’ve received, it’s obvious that the addresses are coming from the address books of some of those reading this.

I was lucky compared to some:

At my job, we were getting so many of the new virus emails that they decided
to change some of our email distribution addresses (addresses that go to
more than one recipient). I was off Tuesday, when I came to work early
Wednesday morning, I had over 7000 of the viruses in my email inbox. It took
me two hours of work time just to clean out my email.

But it’s not just the virus writer.

This is what happens when people don’t give a damn, or are too lame to.

What these type viruses do is take your address book and turns you into a spammer, and also makes those in your address book look like spammers, too.

Some friend you are!! (OK, you might not consider me or most of those in that book big buddies, but I would hope that somebody on that list is your friend).

The Case of Typhoid Mary

Here’s the tale of Typhoid Mary. She had typhoid fever, but it didn’t make her sick. It certainly made many of her employers sick, including one little girl terminally.

Like many today, Mary didn’t believe the authorities. She didn’t feel sick, so how could she possibly be spreading this disease?

They let her go once on Mary’s promise that she wouldn’t be a cook. She broke that promise, and a few more died. The second time, they locked her up for good.

Obviously the disease Mary carried had more reprecussions than the virus some of you may be carrying and spreading, but otherwise, it’s the same problem.

It’s not just the disease writers; it’s also the disease carriers. The latest generation of virus writers seem to want to bring the whole thing down, but they need help, and the lames out there are providing it.

Be responsible. Do something about it, before somebody like government makes you.


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