A Question of Perception

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Different people can look at the same thing, and come away with much different impressions. Indeed, quite often, people’s impressions of websites are more often a reflection of themselves rather than the website.

Here is a simple poll which hopefully will illustrate this.

1) If I had to describe myself, I would call myself:

a) pro-AMD
b) neutral
c) pro-Intel

2) In my opinion, this website is:

a) Disgustingly pro-Intel

b) Fair-to-middling pro-Intel
c) More or less neutral
d) Fair-to-middling pro-AMD
e) Disgustingly pro-AMD
f) Fair-to-middling anti-everything
g) Disgustingly anti-everything

3) A good computer website ought to:

a) Take my side on issues and be supportive of that side
b) Inform me even when it hurts my side

4) I go to computer hardware websites to:

a) feel good and upbeat about computing/my hobby
b) make me better informed, even when it’s a downer

Feel free to comment, vent, etc. If you’re afraid for some reason to do so, well, I really doubt anyone will say anything I haven’t heard before, and I don’t have a photographic memory or keep enemy lists.

We’ll include the most representative (naughty and nice) comments in a future article.

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