A Secret Sale . . .

It looks like AMD is having a clearance sale on 90nm X2 processors.

(Newegg prices used, you may do a couple dollars better looking around. Prices seem quite fluid at the moment; price engines don’t seem able to keep up).

AMD Processor

Official Price

Newegg Price

Discount from Official Price

X2 3800+
X2 4200+


X2 4600+


(We’ll also note that Newegg also has a few single-core socket 939 CPUs available at very reasonable prices, too.)

No, neither the higher priced X2s nor the 65nm X2s are being heavily discounted . . . yet. They often cost more than faster 90nm chips, for instance, the 65nm X2 4000+ running at 2.1GHz now costs more at Newegg than the 2.4GHz X2 4600+.

Maybe that’s why Dell and HP aren’t selling the mainstream 65nm processors in their AMD boxes . . . yet, which makes you wonder where they’re going. Making tons of 90nm dual-core when you have a 65nm fab and strained production capacity doesn’t seem to make much sense.

Anyway, back to the 90s, you have to wonder what the price of these things is going to be once Intel starts slicing C2D prices beginning in about a month. If Pentium Ds are forcing such price slashing, what are C2Ds going to do?

Nor is this a clearance sale. It’s not like AMD will or even can stop making these 90nm chips tomorrow. Yes, Fab30 is supposed to start renovation around July, but it should continue to make an appreciable number of 90nm processors until at least the end of the year.

Odd. Very odd.


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