A Stitch In Time Ruins Nine?

Two new viruses should get media downloaders’ attention. Not because they’re so dangerous in and of themselves, but for what they portend for the future.

First, the Shockwave virus. What is particularly interesting about this virus is that although it’s an .exe file, it shows a Shockwave icon.

Second, the Afeto virus. One of the things this virus does is stitch JPEGs together.

This will definitely ruin your digital babe boudior/stud selections, which is crisis enough. 🙂

However, instead of “Shockwave icon” and “JPEG,” substitute “MP3” and you can see how some future virus could wreak havoc.

People send me notes saying, “Don’t try to scare people about things that don’t exist yet.”

All I have to say to that is competent people handle problems. Smart people anticipate them and prevent them from becoming problems.

You can protect yourself by backing up those digital files that you don’t want to lose to removable media like CDs. Another hard drive you leave connected doesn’t cut it; these viruses look throughout all the hard drives connected.

If you already do that, no problem. This is for those who don’t.

If you don’t, you probably should start. If you don’t because it’s a hassle, how much of a hassle would it be for you to replace what you have?

Even if such a virus doesn’t show up, there are plenty of others that can wreck your system and its files, so be like a lot of other people (CD burner sales are sharply up) and protect yourself.

It’s your files.

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